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Bremi BRL500 parts Wanted

Hi All
  I am trying to keep my old BRL500 working so if you have any spare parts of any kind i may be interested. Whatever you have please get in touch
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Re: Bremi BRL500 parts Wanted

OK, I've had a bit of a sort out and I've got most of the knobs, and the brass fittings etc. for them.

I've got a couple of valves, an EL519 which, I'm not sure about and a Russian equivalent that I'm pretty sure is good, not ever been used as the cap was loose so I didn't use it. But the caps are easy to solder back on. Also I have a couple of capacitors for the BRL500

Incidentally when de-soldering the four main valves, you're very likely to dislodge the soldered joint on the valve cap, something to watch out for, take care with a low heat iron. But they're easy to re-solder if you dont break the wire too short.

If you get 380-400w Watts on FM with 10w drive, that is absolute maximum this amp will do. Don't read or listen to anyone who says different. It has 10w in (Any more and the caps will go BANG, between the valve top and earth emoticon Trust me I know emoticon, to drive one EL519 which will produce 100w max, this then drives the other four which will produce 400w max, but not in the real world 380w carrier is probably very best emoticon

A EL519 will only produce 100watts, not happy watts, just 100, thats CW, AM, FM, SSB and ball pane hammer, period emoticon

Anyway I'll post it all off to you on Monday, if its any good just make a donation to the club emoticon


By all means think yourself big, but never think others small.... R.F.Scott
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