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Avair AV-20 SWR meter.

I have used one of these as my main SWR meter for several years & it has proved to be one of my best radio buys from a use per £1 perspective.
The Avair AV-20 covers 3.5 to 150 MHz at upto 300 watts.
It has two power settings upto 30 & upto 300 watts & seems to be reasonably accurate.
It is a cross needle meter which if you have never used one before means no messing about, as it has two needles mounted at either side of the meter & reading on a scale on the opposite side.
One needle is for the forward power & one for reflected & where they cross is the SWR reading.
Basically with a Avair cross needle meter you just try to get the needle on the left to sit at zero on the right hand scale & thus have zero reflected power, whilst the needle on the right shows forward power on the left hand scale.
At £30 these meters are excellent value for money.

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Re: Avair AV-20 SWR meter.

Superb peice of kit and a radio shack must emoticon


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