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posticon Puxing 777

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I brought one of these radios a few years ago & now have 3!!!!. Two VHF & one UHF.
The VHF is allegedly 5 watts & the UHF 4 watts, but that is a little over optimistic for most Puxings I have tested.
4 watts VHF & 3.5 on the UHF is probably a more accurate description.
Band coverage is
400 - 470 MHz on UHF
137 -174 MHz on VHF
The cost of these radios has increased considerably over the years, possibly in response to the fact that they are so popular.

Edited to remove an image of an 888 that I had used
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Re: Puxing 777

Me and my mate have one each, they work great and open all the local 2m repeaters. i take it with me when working away, just hang a 300 ohm ribbon slimjim from the light in the hotel or hang it out of the window.. excellent price too. think i might get a motorola gp68 too (also cheap)
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