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Cobra M75 microphone

I bought one of these for taking my Yaesu FT-7B mobile, it comes pre-wired for the Cobras as you would expect, I paid £27 including postage and 9v battery.


First impression was, crikey its like a brick, and frankly it is a bit big in my hand, the PTT switch is massive, and surely the designer could have made this smaller. It doesn't have a quality feel about it.

Looks, well, it looks like a CB radio mic from years ago to me, not that modern.

Its lighter than you would think from the size, and the cable is of a better quality than most I've come across.

It works ok, but it easily over modulates, and will require careful setting up, good thing about the gain dial is that its not in a place that can easily be knocked so once set up it should stay put.

Frankly its a typical CB power mic, which really is the market it aimed at, and for £27 delivered not a bad deal. It is punchy, maybe not the Astatic sound, but few could tell the difference probably emoticon

Overall, 7/10 (wouls have been higher but for the size and the great big 70's PTT switch)


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