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posticon Barker&Williamson's'''BWD-90'''RX-test

I have this antenna on testing atm
this antenna is to 1.8-30Mhz and its a folded dipole kind, its 90ft long whit balun and termination resistor middle of top wire, its handle about 1kw or more (not so sure) and swr is about 1,5:1 all the frequencys.
seems to be good for ec bands and others.
but, like allways, this is not the "dx"gain" antenna. ok, cant tell how this transmitting signals on air, because not testing tx yet.
there is loads of informations of this kind antenna and not many ++++ talking.
this antenna is used by mil, covs etc
i have this antenna, one top on flag pole (8m) and other top is down at apple tree (1,5m) like sloper kind and using only rg58 coax 30m long, so there is little losses.
this antenna works (RX) on 80m as like shortened dipole but much less noises. on 60m its not bad, its work good and there is loads of QRN and this manage that well. 40m-45m works ok also. not so good like mine 45m dipole but very near, but its little difficult to compare antennas, bwd have not same receive directions than dipole and seems to me that dipole is more omni and bwd take signals from sides (got to check this agn) and on sloper positions its work to my apple tree direction more than my flag pole.
also there is more swr on 45m, but under 1,3:1. im sure about that my dipole give more tx power out than bwd, but this is maybe only marginals, and rx noises are 2-6db more on dipole.
when bwd used on 11mhz to 30mhz, rx directions is more like dipole and sloper kind and on 21m gain is near 1/4 vertical what is about 10m high from ground, but vertical is total omni directional.
on cb band that little surprised me, of course there is more gain on it on 11m and its receive some signals better than my vertical (5/8 8m high). emoticon
and when i had tx whit it ill tell more about.
not so sure why people have so much negative to said this antenna, ok its terminate resistor what make signals losses, but i can hear stations on QRM/N what my dipole or vertical cant pick up.
btw terminate resistor give loses if antenna its not on resonate frequency and whit auto atu its maybe less losses if rx-coax-balun-antenna resonate by the same.

more comes later and maybe there is big frustration emoticon but lets see what come up and if i can put it more up ...
ps sorry for bad English wrotes
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Re: Barker&Williamson's'''BWD-90'''RX-test

i had one in the 80s, its a design stolen from the US navy in the 50s. they work ok but the resistor seems to suck up some of your all it was worth the £5 i paid from a radio rally!
 ps, mine was a british army version.
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