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Watson HP-200 communication Headphones

* Dual 8 Ohm drivers * 200 - 10,000Hz * Tailored for Comms * Padded ear pieces * Good sound proofing
* Single cable * 3.5mm stereo * 1/4in stereo adaptor
When you purchase headphones, you need to make sure that they are suitable for their purpose. These superb headphones have a tailored response for radio communications and are offered at an amazingly low price. With excellent sound proofing, you can pull in the weak DX. And with the supplied adaptor, they can be used with equipment having either 1/4in or 3.5mm sockets.

£22.95 on Waters & Stanton web site but i got mine through W&S on Ebay for £9.95+p&p
>>>> W&S Headphones link <<<<
Like i said check ebay out for a cheaper price
I have only had the headphones a week and i think they are excellent, i can hear what the really weak signals are saying now so much better than the onboard speaker in the TS870(which is nice sounding). They have crisp clear sound from them, they cover the ear well and are pretty well soundproofed. I think they were a bargain and a very important bit of kit to weed out the week stations

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