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BHI`s NES10-2 MK3


having suffered with Internet over Mains (PLA, PLT) interference and noise, I decided to buy one of these bad boys, I found it hard to justify the cost initially but enough was enough!

ok, so what it Wont do is get rid of this noise like I thought it would, But, what it Does do is worth the money emoticon
it will pull out voices from the crap and hash, and skip fading in/out is perfectly tolerable now, and not being a fan of using squelch (I don`t know any DX`er that are), FM is perfectly easy to listen to now with just a quiet hiss, in fact at 1st you`ll probably think there`s something wrong with your set.
I run mine off a 12v/20AH SLA battery and 2 weeks with me forgetting to switch it off regularly, there`s no sign of it needing a charge yet emoticon

at about 300mW audio out, it won`t fill a noisy room, but you Can plug in phones or an external speaker (probably another Amp if you wanted).
when you find a perm place in the shack fot it, it`s a good idea to wrap the More Than ample audio in lead around a ferrite rod (from an old AM radio) and tape it up, the power lead excess I wrapped up on a toroid and cut the rest off.

these can be found on offer for about £99 now, and may come down even lower.
In My Opinion, every shack should have one.

73`s emoticon


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Re: BHI`s NES10-2 MK3

I heartly agree, I dont have the speaker, but the unit NEIM1031, and as you say at first I was disappointed. But now I love it and wouldn't want to have a shack without it emoticon


By all means think yourself big, but never think others small.... R.F.Scott
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