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Ship-To-Shore in the "Old Days"

Up until about 1990 cruise ships used USB around [sign in to see URL] for ship-to-shore.

HOLY CRAP was that fun to listen to. Almost ultimate voyeur.

Sure, there were lots of "tell grandma happy birthday" and "so what country did you visit today?" stuff but there was also WILD calls.

The land based stations always terminated the communication with the cruise ship radio officer with how much the call cost to bill the [sign in to see URL] was INSANE how much those calls cost.

This one guy was on a cruise ship off of Hawaii (presumably with a girlfriend--the wife on the other end--who was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean--presumably with her boyfriend). The guy was some New York City high-end corporate lawyer.

So, he calls his wife S-S/S-S and goes on for liuke an hour and a half trying to convince her they need to get back together. She's not all that into it and quotes all his past marital cheating (which he vehomently denies)and at the end she agrees to at least "talk about it" when they both get back to NYC. Call [sign in to see URL] asks WOR to hang on because he wants to make more calls. That call cost about $1,500 US.

Next call is to a stewardess in L.A. and he's telling her when he's getting back to California--it's all kisssy-kissy/lovey-dubby and he sets up the date and a couple of days "sleep-overs". Call ends, $500 US.

Next call is to another stewardess in Denver and its the same deal; as the last [sign in to see URL] with that girlfriend and dates and "sleep-overs". Cost, another $500 bucks.

Next call is to his firm's secretary in NYC and this is a "break-up call"...he tells her he breaking up with her and going back to his wife. Lotsa tears on her part and it takes him a long time to get it through to her the affair is over. Cost, just over $1,000 US.

This guy was a real scumbag and spent a boatload of cash juggling all his "HO'S"

Talk about REAL LIFE Soap Opera!
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Re: Ship-To-Shore in the "Old Days"

wow sounds like some fun listening!
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