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Yaesu Noise Cancelling Mic YM-21

I'm not usually the type thats gets a bargain, particularly from Ebay. Normally I pay about what things are really worth, which is fine, being ripped is bad. However I bought one of these mics from Ebay for a tenner emoticon And its the FDB, far better than I thought it would be. It does what it says it does, it feels like proper quality and looks it too.

The noise canelling bit works! No kidding, there is some clipping though when this is switched on, but for mobile use, this stops the rushing sounds one usually gets dead, you would find it hard to know if I was doing 90mph on the motorway or parked up.

For ten quid I feel its a good bargain and I'm pleased, it came with the lead removed (Who does that? And why?) Anyway not too much trouble fitting a new one.

Reccommended, particularly for mobile and noisey background environments emoticon



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