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QSL contributions to and from other DX groups

Foxtrot Bravo International DX Group


After consultation with its members and others.

The Foxtrot Bravo International DX Group would like to make its position clear regarding contributions for QSL confirmation, from all 11m DX groups.

Genuine FB activations, club stations and special event stations that will be providing a unique QSL card, can ask for $2 (Equiv.) standard contribution. Likewise Foxtrot Bravo DX Group members are advised and encouraged to include a $2 dollar contribution if they wish to receive QSL confirmation for genuine activations, club stations and special events etc from other DX groups.

This is to help with the costs of setting up an activation, travel, QSL cards and postage. Foxtrot Bravo may be approached with regard to sponsorship of any genuine activation or special event, regardless of DX group and will consider every application carefully.

Foxtrot Bravo is fairly unique in that we provide free QSL manager services and a small number of free QSL cards to all its members to encourage QSL confirmation. Foxtrot Bravo are not in this for financial gain.

Home and standard mobile operators whether they choose to use a QSL manager or not, should NOT ask for contribution, this is a choice issue and one that should not require others to fund. Foxtrot Bravo members are advised not to encourage other DX groups for asking payment for confirmation from a home operator. Part of the cost of this hobby is the cost of supplying and posting your own QSL cards from your home or normal mobile station.

Of course there is no re-course and no 11m operator is obligated in any way to abide by this statement, including FB members who are advised but can make their own choices. emoticon

Effective 31/10/2011

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Re: QSL contributions to and from other DX groups

I'm Dave your opinion should the porto and partial cost for QSL card cover.Or who it can and will post any request at small qso number. To Yes, a hobby remain and not to the business. 73

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