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Alinco and EDX 2

Alinco DX70 TH and EDX 2

I have a problem with the EDX 2 not tuning. It has power and tries to, it clicks a few times, but does not tune.
I have checked all connections and they’re good. Also the right power and signals are emanating from the radio. All the cables are showing continuity.

This happened suddenly, I was using the unit and it just stopped working. It says it is essential to have a ground. But I have been using the unit aboard a boat, clearly there is some suspect grounding, although it has been working like this for ages.

The radio sees the wire, as the RX is good across most of HF with the radio connected to the EDX 2. Also the socket on the back is showing that its connected as the radio only receives through the wire when it is connected.

I have re-set the Radio with no difference, the radio works perfect.

But no tuning.

Any ideas? Where to look?


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