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Luiton LT-9000

this radio comes in either vhf OR uhf [sign in to see URL] vhf model is usual 136 to 174mhz and the uhf version is 400 to [sign in to see URL] has most of the standard stepping and i discovered by accident that it also has tone scan which isn't said anything about in the [sign in to see URL] watts vhf,45 [sign in to see URL] with dtmf [sign in to see URL] be used in memory mode or vfo mode.I don't know who makes this radio but i am sure it isn't Luiton.I have seen other versions of this radio as [sign in to see URL] five function buttons on the radio plus each button has a dual [sign in to see URL] only complaint i have about the radio is that it wont tx on the memory channel that it stops on but will in vfo [sign in to see URL] than that i like it.
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