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Zetagi BV2001 - by 13FB006

Zetagi BV2001 Amplifier with real 700 Watt's. I pay this for 155,- EUR with extra 6 new matched pair power Tubes on ebay defect and repaired itself emoticon

1 Watt in is 300 Watt out
5,5 Watt in is 550 Watt out
10 Watt in is 680 Watt out
22 Watt in is 750 Watt out

Zetagi say's 1200 Watt PEP - this is Bull-s-h-i-t!!

Low Power is better for your Tubes!

....all on Dummy measured on external Wattmeter. Original is from Zetagi displayed works not correctly! [Zetagi wattmeter adjusted for real Output]


High Voltage - Danger to life with an open case!!!!!

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