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Alternative mic Ranger

I have recently purchased a new standard mic for my RCI Ranger 2970.

The new mic is different to the older ones that came as standard equipment.

The newer mic (SRA 158) seems to perform better,audio sounds clearerr and louder according to my local contacts.

My station is 100% mobile,and i have had receiving stations complimenting my audio,and in dis- belief that i am.

The mic feels better in the hand,a lot chunkier feel and has the channel change buttons on the side instead of the top.

I am sure the older type standard mics can still be bought but i would recommend the 158 to anybody thinking of a standard replacement soon.

I havnt opened up the mic,but i know there is a weight inside (from reviews) to give it the higher quality feel.

Price is around £20 plus posting costs, but shop around to get the best deal.


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