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DX-959 SSB Freq adjust

Greetings to the forum...

I have aquired a Galaxy DX-959 and have found that the USB/LSB TX freq is not tracking properly. I have performed the adjustments using a RCI2950DX & DX70TH as monitoring stations. I can bring the 959 back to where the TX sounds good and can make contacts. When the 959 is in RX mode for an extended period of time, the TX drifts and sounds like it needs re-adjustment. I have not seen issue with the AM mode.

I understand these radio's drift so I was wondering how long should I have this on the bench to stablize before making adjustments?

Many folks seem to like this radio per the revews however my FT101B doesn't appear drift this much. (monitoring freq using a digital VFO readout)


2FB792 Brian, Central Iowa
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