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Yaesu FT-450D Quick Data Cable

I wanted a quick data connection to the Yaesu FT-450D 6 pin data port and so I set about getting something minimal going just so I could receive PSK etc to the PC. I wanted to quickly put something together from scavenged parts I had around. This is only for RX though TX is not too difficult too if you are just using VOX and not the PTT line.

Also there is no isolation so beware of earth level issues problems. Best not to sue this method under high power RF TX conditions.

Parts Needed

    1 cable removed from old PS/2 mouse.
    1 [sign in to see URL] stereo jack cable (wire ends) - could be sourced from old headphones.

The Yaesu FT-450D in common with other Yaesu radios and some other brands has a 6 pin mini din for data which essentially connects you to a stable level unmodified set of audio lines and a PTT line if needed. Pin out is in the manual.

For RX only all you need is data out (pin 5) and gnd (pin 2). Ok, now a PS/2 mouse cable only has some pins connected but luckily one of them is pin 5 you probably need to buzz it out with your DMM. Slight problem is it does not seem to connect pin 2 so we don't have a gound - or do we? The shield on the mouse cable is connected to the outer shield on the plug and on the radio that is ground.

So, connect pin 5 (it was yellow on mine) to the two [sign in to see URL] tip connections (red & green on my cable) and the sheild to the [sign in to see URL] gnd (black or shield outer) and you are ready to go.

Plug the 6 pin into the radio data socket, plug the [sign in to see URL] into audio in on your PC (usually line in or mic) then run up some radio data software and you should be able to RX PSK31 / RTTY etc. Oh... if you only have one of those 4 pin [sign in to see URL] jacks they put on some laptops then you would need a totally different plug on the PC end because those are combined mic & headphones for 'iphone' type headsets.

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So there it is... a bit of a rough guide but it worked for me. Maybe it will save someone else a bit of time and hair pulling.

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