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Russian Strategic Voice Net

Listening to four Russian bombers last night on route.

8033 usb

Interesting stuff, I follow various spy station twitter feeds and one came up with this yesterday. I tried to use my iphone translator to read what they were saying, but too much qrn on their side for the iphone to pick out the language. Even though one of the jets was 5/9+20db. The translator couldn't pick out the dispatcher either.

It went on for some time, and was again active on the same frequency early this morning.

Of course I don't know any Russian and even if I did I suspect they would be using code so I have no real idea where they were on route to or from. But this mornings news is that the Russians have re-started their campaign against Syrian rebels yesterday, so a good bet it was these aircraft.

Keep an eye on 8033 & 8909, there's a good bit of information around the internet.


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Re: Russian Strategic Voice Net

Thanks For the information, I know some russian so should be interesting. will let you know if i pick up anything.


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