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Waving from France

Hello there,

Long time SWL passionate, these days I am back to cb after many years break . Back then I had a small mobile tx in my car, and managed local contacts. I had tried to build a station for DX, but never managed to get outside of my close region. At these times it was hard for me to find info on antennas setup and proper operation.

Now I'm trying to revive this, I found a ss6900n that works nicely . I managed to put together some homebrew antennas, an inverted vee and a double bazooka, with which I can make local contacts.
I also have raised a 5/8 vertical a few days ago, which I hope will let me go further ! One issue is that I don't have a very clear horizon, lots of trees around, though the house is in the middle of a clearing.
I will also try to go uphills with a mobile, I have an old long whip on my truck.

I hope to make contacts with you all soon,

Thank you very much Dave for the friendly message.

Ed from France
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Re: Waving from France

Hi Ed, and welcome emoticon

We get good signals from 14 div in the summer months, all year really, but particularly good E layer.

5/8th should do well, so keep yer ears on emoticon


By all means think yourself big, but never think others small.... R.F.Scott
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