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Durafix Alumaloy joining/fabricating

I wasn`t 100% sure Where to put this data, but I expect this will come in handy more for those that deal with antennas than anywhere else on the forum.
Having an interest in Robotics, I discovered these Durafix alumaloy rods used for Aluminium (or white metal) fabrication.
all you need is a blow-torch, not oxy or anything fancy, just a regular butane blow lamp emoticon
the joins are stronger than the actual metal as well!
I`v just bought a 1Lb pack from some fella in the USA on eBay.
these should be totally Ideal for Antenna makers or even just repairs in general.
I`ll let you know how I get on with mine when they arrive.
I guess some of you already know about these anyway, but for those that don`t, it may be helpful emoticon

All the best!

I`m also on Twitter as "YT2095" ;)
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