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Knight Rider light kit.

I`m not sure how Geeky some of you are or not, but I`m selling Kits (no pun intended), that you solder up yourself, that will give you a 20 LED Knight-Rider / Cylon eye effect.
you`ll get the 20 LEDS Red, Yellow or Green (you choose), the resistors for each LED, the timing Resistor and Capacitor (you can change your own "scan" rate by altering these).
and of course the Chip that I`v programmed AND tested that does all the work.

and if you`re really lucky you`ll get a cct diagram too (just kidding of Course you`ll have one of those!).
it`s really simple to build, all the working out has been done for you in the Code.

most of it is just Pin for Pin wiring!

they run on 5 Volts, but will work quite happily on a single 3v Watch battery too!

I want 4.50 per kit, and 1.52 postage (1`st class recorded).
Paypal is fine, cheques and that sort of thing I`d have to wait until cleared naturally, UK buyers only.

there are only 8 kits left where you can change the Scan rate! all the rest will be fixed frequency.
you guys are getting 1`st offer.

I`m also on Twitter as "YT2095" ;)
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