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Golf Tango dx group HB5.

Hunter Challenge of letters GT/HB5 rules

For hunters:
18 stations will be operational.
The aim of the game is to reconstitute “GT FIVE YEARS ALREADY”, so 18 letters.
Don’ t forget to confirm the double letters, for example: 14 GT 045 / E-1, 14GT 049 / E-2...

Hunter classification:
The one who will reconstitute "GT FIVE YEARS ALREADY" or the most large of letters, will be declared victorious.
In case of ex-aequo, the smallest score will be taken in count, by adding all the progressives.

Dates of the challenge:
From May 29th, 2009 at 10 pm Gmt till June 28th, 2009 in 22h Gmt.

You must send your log sheet before August, 31st 2009. After this date, no log will be taken in count. A log sheet is in downloading on the GT website.

No contribution, we are all our invited for this challenge "birthday of the group".

The first 10 will be awarded, the double Qsl card + a diplome, the first 5 will receive a trophy

Qsl manager:
Mr Chris
Po.Box 90012

Please "No callsign on the envelope"

GT givers and departments:

14 GT004/G Jack, dept 62
14 GT006/T Chris, dept 62
14 GT016/F Delphine, dept 57
14 GT041/I J-Claude, dept 41
14 GT044/V Pierrot, dept 44
14 GT045/E1 Michel, dept 41
14 GT046/Y1 Robert, dept 41
14 GT049/E2 Christophe, dept 49
14 GT050/A1 Michel, dept 44
14 GT055/R Marcel, dept 44
14 GT056/S Pascal, dept 77
14 GT066/A2 Rossend, dept 66
14 GT077/L Alain, dept 77
14 GT078/R1 Fabrice, dept 78
14 GT114/E3 Seb, dept 80
14 GT209/A3 J-Michel, dept 62
14 GT383/D Phil, dept 93
104 GT011/ Y2 Roy, Corsica island

Download the LOG_HUNTER_GTHB5.xls here

Good luck to all !

73's from Pascal
Unit 001.
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