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posticon ranger 2970

 a friend has given me a 2970 which has been cross wired there a protection diode in these or is it bravo india november ?? emoticon

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Re: ranger 2970

It will have an idiot diode in it, open the case and look where the power wires enter the radio and attach to the board. Follow the PCB track from where the red wire is attached and the diode will be the very first component you come to. It will be connected accross the supply from positive to ground.

If the radio's been hooked up the wrong way round then this diode will be shorted, and will be blowing fuses when you try to power it on. This diode needs replacing and the rig should be up and running again.

Sometimes people will swap the fuse for a nail, or wrap the fuse in foil or just put a huge fuse in to stop it blowing. What happens is the shorted diode will then physically blow up inside the radio, removing the short and actually making the rig work again, so if you open up the rig you might find bits of diode rattling around inside. I would not reccomend this method though, as there is no telling what other damage it could do. If the idiot diode is not replaced then the next time it is cross wired it will be the outputs or some other IC that go pop instead.

The idiot diode should have done its job, but if it has been removed before it was cross wired then their could be any number of things wrong it now.

Good luck,

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