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Interesting facts and figures

 know this subject comes up from time to time, but I thought I'd bring it up yet again

Since 2002 and up until 2006 there have been the following prosecutions for illegal radio use (At least the bit we're interested in)

CB = 9
Ham = 1
Echo Charlie = 4

This is throughout the whole of the UK over a five year period, many many thousands even millions of radio hours on illegal frequecies and they've nicked 14 people. I'll bet that some of these figures even overlap. Say the bloke who was a ham was also one of the four EC users

However even more interesting is that 2005/2006 the figures are zero, yep nil, nada, no-one was nicked on any of these three activities. These figures also include pseudo hams, people, who shall remain nameless , who make up ham call signs and go about being an amateur radio type person just as they like.

In fact this past time is even easier now than its ever been as most hams use to register their call signs, so providing your registered on there with a call sign that no-one else has got. Bingo you're a ham. Hmmmmm think I'll turn into a G0 I can buy a 1kw linear then emoticon

Source of info = Ofcom Statistics


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