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Registered: 12-2010
Location: the Black Country
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my Valve Superhet

Here`s something for the "oldtimers" and glowbug lovers out there emoticon

Valves a long running "love affair" of mine that I`v held since a child, even today in Middle age I can`t shake the fascination I have with them, so I decided to Design and Build my own Broadcast bands (LW and MW) superhet.
just for the fun of it really emoticon

here`s some pics:




ok, Granted, I`m not using the old Hunts capacitors and all carbon resistors with the ends wire-wrapped etc... and it`s not a Metal chassis but a thin wooden one, but it works a treat!
my valve line-up is and ECH81 mixer, EF91 I.F amp, EBC90 detector and pre-amp, and an EL84 final.

Enjoy emoticon

I`m also on Twitter as "YT2095" ;)
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Registered: 10-2010
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Re: my Valve Superhet


I have bought a 'Pye Black Box' recently cos my wife likes the old 78s and the sound of a valve amp is great. I am in the process of restoring it at the moment.

I got into electronics at the end of the valve era ( i was an apprentice TV repair engineer in 87) , but i have a new interest in them.

I used to like drawing arcs of the anode on some of the line output valves in the old Philips G6 chassis i used to have to fix emoticon
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