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Project Landy.

I thought due to the age of my Landy that if I'm going to be taking to the hills major improvements to it's electrics would be needed.
  I have recently made a console similar to the "Raptor" console incorporating Carling switches to get shot of those worn ones that work intermittently right when you need them you know the ones, high amp ciggy lighter sockets the water proof ones and my Midland 98 FM set with a Digital CD player the last one to keep her in doors happy. In all a sound improvement and a wise investment,due to some functions passing through others one knackered switch can knock out another circuit especially when Landrover started to try and get clever with the electrics.
     Feeling the vibes of victory I decided to put the large battery tray under the passenger seat to good use, got to connect my sidebander to something to make it work. Maplins have come in very useful here as I have made my purchases through them these are 1 x plastic enclosure bow (large) 5x switches with led illuminatiom, 2x water proof ciggy lighter converting one to a USB charger with an adaptor, 1x twin terminal post and led battery condition meter. Putting all this together has given me a second control console behind the cubby box, which now runs off the split charge system that is now in place under the passenger seat, I have the ability to run to rigs one throught the mobile antenna and my side bander through a home base antenna when it arrives, along with the apparatus to push a little bit of power with a pre amp if needed, even assembling the mast for the big twig will now be a doddle in the dark as a small working light runs off of the secondry console should it be needed for those "can't see!" moments, with the help of an inverter I can even boil a kettle and do some toast but the engine will have to turn over to build up charge after that, in all a tidy job that allows me to go sit on Exmoor in the dark and know I'm going to be able to start up and drive off.

Regards Carl.
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