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magnetic loop

i made mine at a cost of £10 maximum, this is the best antenna of all time, its around 1 metre diameter of 15mm copper pipe (22mm would be better) 8 x 45 degree obtuse bends and a variable capacitor.
it tunes from 14mhz to 30mhz and is a low noise wonder.
there are full details on one, but use low power as lethal voltages are produced.
excellent for portable or indoors
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Re: magnetic loop


My new Antenna is Magnetic-Loop (self-build) Frequency Range from 18-30MHz with Gamma Match. With 2 Loops for lower Frequency 3MHz-8Mhz (ideal for 85m - 29m Band)

Extent: 2,67 mtr (Copper Pipe)
Diameter: 22mm
Variable Capacitor: 7-71 pf
Distance Plates: 3mm (Split = 6mm)
Stup: Brass 4mm / 35cm
Distance to Pipe: 4cm
Transmitting Power: 250 Watt max!

SWR: 1:1,1
Bandwidth: 20khz / readjust new Frequenzy



Ideal for near and far field!

Price for all is 90 EUR

Works better as my 1/2 Dipole!

Next Time with remute for readjust.

Pictures of my workshop:

Pic 1:
Pic 2:
Pic 3:
Pic 4:
Pic 5;
Pic 6:
Pic 7:
Pic 7:
Pic 8:

Variable Capacitor on ebay:

Compared with MA-Loop and Dipol (3,6500 MHz LSB)

First MA-Loop is peaceful and very clear (NO QRM)
Second Dipol is strong and not clear!

Next Time work with this new Antenna an i raport this her.

Nice idea for remute the Antenna:

Outdoor Version:

Portable Version with Koax RG-213. With a old Radio Capacitor (QRP)

THX and best regards
13FB006 (Germany)

Edit: My Rig is YAESU FT-840 Antenna: 1/2 Dipole (40 meters above ground) Super Antenna MP1 (7-30 MHz) and Magnet Loop (NEW) Antenna Tuner Annecke (10-15-20 Mtr Band)

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