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posticon Wooohooo What a buzz

Now I remember why I spend all this time money and effort

Even though the Propagation has been practically non-existant all day, with only one or two openings, I've had a fabulous day DXing.

So far, and its only 16.45, I've had 16 qso's. Not many but when you consider the amount of prop, I'm happy.

Divisions 13,14,161,30 and 3.

Also its the difficult ones which are the biggest buzz. I just made contact with 3AT113, when the prop is practically nil. It was very hard work, and he was having similar problems hearing me. But with some effort on both sides we managed at least some contact. Good buzz. A lot of stations just give up on you if they are struggling. The best copies are those that try as hard as you.

The most useful thing I learnt today was headphones. They made a fantastic difference when trying really hard to pick out stations.

Also I made 90% of my contacts today anyway, by calling CQ. Other then answering calls. This is because when a strong(Ish) station is calling too many people answer that call and your voice gets lost when conditions are marginal.

All in all very pleased


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