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Three of the best Mobile Ant. that I have used

Hi guy's just that I would post what I think are the three best mobile antennas, starting with number 3.

Wilson 1000. What a great work horse, gets out well, rcv's well and is easy to set up with a good length of coax.

2.Sirio performer 5000 another great antenna good TX and RX performance, is larger then 1000 and does stand out more then the Wilson 1000 but does have a tilt over that does come in handy and I find it has less static on the recv. Coax could be longer though.

1. The best Mobile antenna that I have used and this thing kicks butt, is the Predator 10K. This antenna was like being a Base on wheels it performed far beyond the Wilson and Sirio. People would not believe I was a Mobile many times and on DX it was killer, but it is a large open coil and does stand out quite a bit.

I just thought I would post what I have found to be the Top 3 that I have used and I have used quite a few Antennas.
All antennas are Mag Mounts with the 10K on a Tri Mag.
Hope this may help some that are looking for a Mobile Antenna.
All the best.
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