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Re: Moxon for 11m

A fantastic antenna, and in the right location can truly work the world. I contemplated building one of these myself two or so years ago but my location is completely wide open to the west and the winter gales here have to be witnessed to be believed, really scary at times. Well, I knew for sure that if I did build one it would need to be of equal strength of the proverbial brick loo, and the usual three or four element yagi antennas would be blown to dust within weeks, so no, after some good advice from Pat,(Mikefox Whisky) I mailed Henry in the Netherlands and asked him to build me a 2 element Moxon centred on 27.555 mhz.
           One look at the quality of the materials he sent, in the timber crate, convinced me that I had made the right choice. The antenna, built as instructed was a joy to put together, and when tested about eight feet off the ground had a swr of below 1.5-1. Fitted to a strong mast bolted to the pine end of my house it cleared the roof ridge by just a few feet, a total height of about 25 feet above ground. Results, fabulous, I cannot fault it.!!. A huge difference to the Gainmaster, ( a super vertical). that it replaced. Not sure about the gain figures bandied about on these antennas, but I do know that it pulls in the dx from everywhere into my RCI 2970 N2. Have fun.

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