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Yaesu FT-890 dead

Hi Chaps,

Bit of a long shot here, but just wondering if anybody here does repairs ?

On Friday evening I bought a perfect working order FT-890 (from a local amatuer.

used it for many hours (receive only) throughout Fri evening & most of the day on & off yesterday.

Late yesterday afternoon I came in (after gardening duties) & flicked the PSU on & then the radio, got only a signal meter light, no buttons, no freq display.

It HAS NOT been cross wired & the PSU works perfectly on my 10m radio @ full 30W TX, so I think it rules that out.

Radio had not even moved, it was literally put in place, wired up & worked for maybe 6-7 on/off sessions, then stopped working.

A quick google points towards a resistor (i think) but I have no idea how to locate it / replace it. Details from google below.

Any advice / help appreciated


<<<<google search>>>> The problem was traced to the controller board 5V suppply. The 13.5V is dropped to 9V (using a high wattage 8.2 Ohm metal film resistor), which is fed to a 7805 regulator to get the 5V out to the controller board. This 8.2 Ohm had overheated, causing considerable damage to itself and the tracks/soldering nearby. Finally it had self-destructed (opened out). Replacing the resistor and doing up the dry solder joints solved the problem.
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Re: Yaesu FT-890 dead

Found This - Use Foxit Reader! To Open.

Hope ?This Help's In Some Way.


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