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SRDWAB and FBWAB 2016!

Hello all!

It's time for Work All Bands contest!

This time we are targeting to the 56Div!

RFEI is sponsoring us with little awards, maybe some stickers etc?

SRDWAB is mainly for 56Div operators, but why not in other coutries too?

FBWAB is for all op's, around the world!



WAB award for working 1km or longer non-crossband simplex qso on ALL sub-30GHz licence free bands.
SuperWAB for those also doing it on 60GHz and up. Laser is still included.
Work all the licence free bands in your country between 9kHz and 30GHz with a qso 1km or longer.
The rigs used don't really have to conform to any standards, but using gear with their certification intact is nice.
All modes are accepted. So a WLAN or Bluetooth connection is perfectly valid for 2.4GHz, 5GHz or 5.8GHz. So is ATV/Video.
The bands in Finland aka 56div as of 2016.
125kHz RFID, I guess this could be used sort-of like the USA LowFER freqs between 160-190kHz.
13.56Mhz RFID/ISM This is also known as HiFER among some circles.
27Mhz band
68MHz RHA68, this is licensed actually, but plenty of random users, some overlap with 4m hamband. "every one does it, like 27.555"
138MHz 500mW EIRP
433MHz ISM
446MHz PMR
868MHz & 823MHz SRD860 and wireless mic
1785MHZ wireless mic freq new as of 2016!
9.9GHz dooropener freqs, 10.525GHz is not used here, but easily available.
24.250GHz Dooropener/microwave link/car radar band.
57-60GHz "WiGig" wifi band. This is likely gona be infuriatingly hard. Maybe with re-purposed 60GHz link gear like MetroHopper or 55GHz NEC PasoLink.
122GHz Yes this is mentioned by FICORA and wikipedia as being licence free. Frigging hard.
241GHz Same as above, but god-tier hard to do 1km, as not even many radio amateurs have succeeded here. Current UK distance record is 30METERS.
Laser/optical This should be doable with a small budget.
Other bands of interest:
All formerb and current "CB" licence free allocations across the world.
Australia 477MHz UHF-CB
Former UK 934MHz and Swiss 934MHz "CB"
German Freenet on 143MHz
USA Part15 broadcast AM
USA ISM on 902-927MHz
USA/other world 10.525GHz dooropener freqs.
Thai 245Mhz
Japanese 900MHz (this seems really cool) 348MHz (???) and so on.
Chinese 409MHz
Absolute goldmine of obscure national bands and frequencies:
More exact band info for 56Div Finland:
125-134kHz RFID band
13.553 - 13.567MHz ISM (RR 5.150). industrial heating, RFID and wireless keyboards.
26.965 - 27.405MHz PR-27 & CB & LA 26957 - 27283 kHz ISM (RR 5.150).
27.720 - 27.900 Pagers, 5W EIRP
31.100 - 37.100MHz, channelized 10mW EIRP under 200kHz wide channel, wireless speakers and other audio.
34.995 - 35.225MHz 100mW EIRP, RC plane control, don't !@#$ with the RC folks plz.
40.660 - 40.790MHz SRD 5W EIRP for onsite pagers.
68.025 - 71.000 MHz RHA68
87.500 - 108.000MHz 50nW EIRP, nano!
138.200 – 138.450 MHz 500mW EIRP, 10% dutycycle.
142.250MHz security phone & surveillance 1mW EIRP
169.400 - 169.8125 MHz 10mW to 500mW EIRP
173.965 - 174.015MHz 2mW EIRP (emoticon) 50kHz channels, hearing aids.
230.000 - 231.00MHz shared security phone, do not !@#$ up here.
434.040-434.790MHz ISM 1mW to 10mW EIRP, baofeng
446.00625MHz - 446.200MHz 500mW EIRP 12.5kHz channels, baofeng, legit pmr
468.200MHz 500mW EIRP, no new installations since 2007., baofeng
823-832MHz 60mW EIRP wireless mics only 200kHz channels.
863.000 – 873,000MHz 1mW to 4W EIRP wireless mics and SRD860 ISM trash.
914.0125 - 914.9875MHz CT1 basestation RX, handset TX 10mW EIRP
959.0125 - 959.9875MHz CT1 basestation TX, handset RX, 10mW EIRP, or +45MHz split compared to base RX.
1785.000 – 1804.800MHz Wireless mics. 50mW EIRP. 20mW EIRP in 1795-1800MHz. This is in the 1800MHz cellular guard band it seems.
1881.792 . 1897.344MHz DECT 250mW EIRP
2400.000 - 2483.500MHz 10mW to 500mW EIRP
5150.000 - 5350.000MHz 200mW EIRP, indoors only, I think this might interfere with weather radar.
5470.000 - 5795.000MHz 1W & 4W EIRP
5815.000 - 5850.000MHz 4W EIRP
5725 - 5875MHz 25mW EIRP
9500 - 9975MHz 25mW EIRP, 500mW EIRP for stuff certified before 1998.
10.450 - 10.500GHz 500mW EIRP
10.500 - 10.600GHz 25mW EIRP, indoors only.
13.400 - 14.000GHz 25mW EIRP
17.100 - 17.300GHz ground based SAR radars, 26dBm EIRP, maybe with modified 18GHz link gear?
21.650 - 26.650GHz short range automobile (SSR) radar, UWB, -41.3dBm/MHz EIRP, Gunnplexer & modified 22-23GHz link gear
24.00 - 24.25GHZ 10mW EIRP
57 - 66GHz 100mW EIRP & 40dBm EIRP, modified linkgear
76.000 - 77.000GHz 316Wpep EIRP (Demoticon, 100Wrms EIRP, 225mW awerage EIRP for pulse radars. car radars? ham 76Ghz transverters?
77.000 - 81.000GHz SSR
122 - 123GHz 100mW EIRP
244 - 246GHz 100mW EIRP
Tank level meter frequencies have been omitted as those will never be on the air anyway and share frequencies with other services.
Medical implant frequencies have been omitted as !@#$ with those is just bad manners (30MHz and 401MHz).
GSM and other cellular along with satellite has been omitted as these don't work without basestations or repeaters and thus these are not simplex radios.
CT1 and CT2 cordless phone freqs have been re-used by GSM, so even if they are mantioned here, !@#$ on GSM is not good manners and might invoke retaliation from telcos.
47 - 68MHz FMLA! former TV channels 2, 3 and 4. Use in Finland has ended. So Frank will be happy if people "take back" five meters HI HI.
Band info:
Brazil info
Hiphei lisää omat ideasi listaan! Mutta älä poista mitään.
FBWAB award for working non-crossband/crossband qso on ALL freebands.
SuperWAB for those also doing it on AM.
Work all the freebands in your country, You get one (1) extrapoint from 56Div stations!
The rigs used don't really have to conform to any standards, but using gear with their certification intact is nice.
All modes are accepted.
For award, please email: europeaint (AT) rocketmail (D0T) com
Echo Charlies are illegal international freeband radio frequencies similar to the 11 meter band.
Although Echo Charlie is a section of particular frequencies, we will be dedicating all freeband frequencies, other than the popular 11 meter band, to Echo Charlie.
The main Echo Charlie freeband frequencies are:
86/85m 3430-3500
calling 3470 LSB
45m 6530-6700
calling 6670 LSB This is actual Echo Charlie
29m 10400 USB (Experimental freeband frequency, lot's of eastern block stations)
21m 13900-14000
calling 13970 USB (13930 used when 13970 has jamming)
21m South America
Calling 13555 USB
16m 18010-18050
calling 18030 USB
14m 20900-20980
calling 20930 USB

Kenwood TS-440S and some loops and wires in the forrests of East-Finland.
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