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Mag Mount

I've been through a couple of Sirio 4000's aerials, I've dismantled the aerial, ruined them trying to figure out why they work, then don't, then work etc.

Well, i should have gone straight to the mag mount. People told me the Sirio 4000 was a reliable mobile aerial, but the last two visits to the IOM, I've had problems.

So, I've got a few long trips coming up and want to do some mobile 11m work. I have a DX27 (Which does work reasonably well tbh) But not on the same scale as the 4000. When the Sirio works it is a fabulous mobile aerial. I've worked 2 div from Oxford to Birmingham continuously whilst driving up the M40.

Its a very good mobile 11m aerial, no question

But I've had issues, and ended up buying three, no kidding I'm on my third.

And it too started to play up whilst on the IOM this year.

Numpty me, kept blaming the aerial emoticon

So, then I thought, Doh! it might be the mag mount, now I always checked the plug was correct, (re-soldered it on twice) the cable was good, the connection all were sound.

I dismantled the mag mount and found this



The earthing tag, which connects to the magnet and therefore the car, was broken off. It still made enough contact to create continuity and work on occassion. Annoying.

So carried out a repair


So now, finally I have fixed it emoticon

Feel a bit of a fool though keep wrecking the aerials trying to fix them, when they almost certainly weren't broken!


By all means think yourself big, but never think others small.... R.F.Scott
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Re: Mag Mount

I've found mag mounts to be a pain in the ass, frankly. One I had relied on a couple of strands of RG58 braid to make the connection which isn't much good once the corrosion gets going.

I tend to keep a car until it's fit for the scrap yard, so don't worry too much about making a hole in the roof and fitting a decent antenna mount, something I need to do to my current car. Obviously not an option if you drive something half decent!

Andy - FB107
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