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Gumball Rally Challenge


This event is run by Lima Radio UK

Welcome to Lima Radio UK
Let the chaos commence! Its here!! The long awaited Lima Radio Gumball Rally Challenge 2017
June 3rd / 4th 2017, will see the very first Lima Radio Gumball Rally Challenge taking place around the North West.
As with all Lima Radio events, we are expecting an excellent turnout as we raise money for another worthy charity - This year it is Castle Hill Hospital.

Four starting points

1. Hilton Park service’s M6 north
2. Leicester forest service’s M1 north
3. Charnock Richard service’s M6 south
4. Wetherby service’s A1M south

One aim, find your way to the final checkpoint Gumball HQ
All teams must be at their chosen staring location and ready to start the challenge by 9am on the 3rd.
All teams will be given a team card with a number. This card will have 10 photos and postcodes on it.
It is up to you to navigate around the route, as you see fit, enssuring that at each location you take a photo of your team card next to the checkpoint shown on your card.

Finishing at the campsite in the Peak District, join us for some radio and stay overnight in the hall or camp in the field outside. BBQ and beers in the afternoon, more beers, then drag your carcass out of your tent for bacon butties on Sunday morning and leave when you’re ready.

”Let the CHAOS commence”
Download the Entry Form from >>>>Here<<<<<

Please email your completed form to

I will try and post up the entry form but atm I cant open the file

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Re: Gumball Rally Challenge

Sounds great, I'll keep an eye on it
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