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Planning permission

My recent problems with neighbours about my antenna are resolved, at least they are for the next two years emoticon

Decision: Grant
Conditions or Reasons: 1) The aerial hereby permitted shall be removed and the land reinstated to its former condition on or before 18th August 2010.
1) To enable the effects of the development, to be reviewed in the light of experience.
Informative notes: 1) Please note that this permission/consent does not constitute approval under the Building Regulations. A separate application and approval under the Building Regulations may be necessary before you commence the proposed development. Further information on this can be obtained from the Council's Building Control Section.
2) The following Development Plan policies are considered to be relevant: Bridgnorth District Local Plan 1996-2011 policies D1 (General Development Criteria); D14 (Telecommunications); West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy 2004 policies QE3 (Creating a High Quality Built Environment for All).
3) The decision to grant permission has been taken having regard to the policies and proposals in the Shropshire & Telford Joint Structure Plan 1996-2011, the Bridgnorth District Local Plan 1996-2011, the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy 2004 and any applicable supplementary planning guidance, as set out in the preceding informative, to all relevant material considerations, and to the following particular circumstances: The aerial does not have a significantly detrimental visual impact on the surroundings and would not have an adverse impact on the amenities of the neighbouring properties due to its physical presence. A 2 year temporary period allows for monitoring of any interference which may result from the operation of the aerial. This informative is only intended as a summary of the reasons for grant of permission. For further detail on the decision please refer to the Case Officer's Report which can be viewed on the application file at the Council's offices at Westgate, Bridgnorth.
Appeal Received Date: This case has no appeals against it


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Re: Planning permission

nice one dave.
when igot my premission i wrote to council,a couple of weeks later three councilers turned up looked at areils an said they are fine?
bearing in mind they are 15" higher than stated in letter i got two weeks later stating antennas should not be higher than the eaves of the house??
oh well that was 14 years ago i think they that they mite what replacing?? emoticon emoticon

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