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How I built my G5RV

I have been asked to describe how I made my G5RV antenna I use on Echo Charlie. I have made many contacts all over Europe with this antenna.

I must stress I do use an ATU and even with this I cant tune it to 11 meters. But it works perfect on 86m, 45m and all the ham bands. Even without the ATU its good for 2:1 on 45 and 86m.

You will need two of these insulators:


One of these, known as a balan, it doesnt have to be this type there are many on the market:


And at least 32 meters of this, copper wire, try and get cold drawn copper wire:


Plenty of coax and two PL259 plugs.

Cut two lengths of copper wire 51' (15.7Meters) long attached one end of each to the balan and the other end to the insulator.

Mount the centre of this big 'T' shape on a post that is not made of metal. I use a wooden pole about 3 meters high. You are supposed to mount them much higher, but mine is only 3 meters high and works good.

Stretch out the wire each side and keep as straight as you can, as tight as you can and as level as you can. Mount each insulator on a post. Can be made from metal, but non metallic is better.

Run your coax to the balun, DO NOT run your exposed coax parallel to the antenna. As my garden is long but narrow I had no chioce but to run the coax parallel to the antenna, but the way I got over any problems was to bury the coax.

If you try this let me know, have any other questions I'll answer them. Good luck and see you on EC! emoticon


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