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In the building mood?

I am, I'm going to build a five element yagi from my Sirio 4 and my Siro 27.

This site here (From the station I worked this afternoon in Nambia) has all the plans for 11m antennae you could wish for.

5 element, yep deffo. Give us a couple of weeks I'll put up some pics of the build finished artical etc emoticon


By all means think yourself big, but never think others small.... R.F.Scott
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Re: In the building mood?

nice link dave.ive not been on this week much,been building my own weapon...the fully mobile(static that is),speed machine...the BBQ.
Brents Bamboo Quad and my first ever homebrew project.
the build has been photographed throughout and will be posted up here for any of the lads to have a go.cant wait to see your 5ele yagi and compare findings mate.ive done a lot of reading up on both types.
just cutting and adding the 2 elements tomorrow,so these are anxios and exiting times as too see if all the homework has paid off in a good swr reading,performance,and ease of putting it up.
fingers crossed its gonna be a beauty.
lincoln,rmkl400,wilson 5000,a99,and a half baked BBQ lol.

yaesu FT857d,rmkl500,wilson5,2element pubical quad(the BBq).split charger aux battery.170a truck battery,mfj 941 versatune2
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Re: In the building mood?

Excellent project!

Just be sure to make it suitable for the UK weather - good quality aluminium properly clamped in place (not a self-tapper) and maybe some nylon fishing line tied between the ends of the elements to stabilise them a bit?

I know of someone who bought a 5 element beam back 30 or so years ago, and it survived a whole fortnight before bits started to fall from the sky. Ho hum...
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