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hi ya guys back off my hols(first for three years)??
i booked myself & the good lady into le bounty @ le mans for a week,after being offered a place for the last few years.
right what can i tell you about the place.
it's around 23kms south of le mans there are three lakes on site,B2 at around 5 acres which is close to "the bounty pub" this lake has four pegs upon it,& holds carp to low 50's (stocked last winter) & cats to 80lbs.
B1 is the main carp/cat lake with carp to mid 40's & cats to 100lbs +,at around 8acres & 6 double pegs is the one we pitched up on.
b3 is the new lake which is due to be finshed in 2010?
we arrived around 7am to find the pub/restaraunt buzzing with around 35-40 bikers having their breakfast before bringing shipped off to watch quailifing for the french moto gp.
so we left the guys to it & went for look around ,a quick scout round saw me sent up camp in peg 9 on b1.
then off the watch the moto gp our selves,no driving in looking for parking etc just jump in one of the mini buses laid on for the whole event .
so after a day at the races we showered & went to the pub,paid our 10 euros each and sat down to a welcome barbie stlye meal & a few beers.
next day was race day so we jumped in a bus & we were whisked away again ,great day was had except for vali rossy fans & the weather.
we had a few problems with the wx very strong winds & low over head power lines campervans / bikes in the car park where i was due to set up the areils so i had abandon the radio idea,sorry guys but safety comes first.maybe next year????
so back at the lake i set about putting some rods out (trying out my new 3.25 lbs tc magnum taper infinity's with infinity 5000 BR'S)
bait boat's are allowed at bounty so i loaded my anatec out on it's first sorte??
loaded with a mix of bounty particles/pellet/& 12mm RED HOT TUNAS.
so with my three rods out i was suprised to hear the left hand ATTS screaming?????
15mins later a 27 common lay in the net??? these bounty carp just will not give up fighting going mental under the rod tip.
the infinitys were bent to around 180 degrees quite regular??& the infinity reels clutch screamed by the sheer power of these fish.
i won't bore you with the whole five nights i fished but by fri i had got the bait established by putting out a 31/2 kgs of 20mms as well as 20kg of particle & 15kg of pellet with around 7 kgs of 12mm RHT'S.
& ended up with fish of ;
27 common
35 cat
25.10 mirror
25 common
18 common
20 commmon
21 mirror
17 1/2ror
21 mirror
23 mirror
17 1/2mirror
18.5 mirror
21 1/4 common
23 common
23 1/4 mirror
18 common
excluding around 8 or so small cats upto 15lbs,4 or 5 small carp & 1 big bream which with the cats where removed & put in the brook which runs around B1/B3 for growing on /removal later in the year???
now with hindsight i should have put my self out & put some bait in before fishing as planned ,but when on hoilday enjoying the bikes/beer & later on the weather came back a little red???
the bad points which are being worked on (mainly dueto being under staffed)
bar/restruant could be a little busy at peak times ,so bar service as a result a little slow but no worse than most pubs at that time.
showers very good but again could be a little wait time ,but again happens at most camp sites.
but talking to the moto gp crew they where impressed by the over whole set up has we were.
so around 1/2 a tonne of fish in 5 nites ,averaging 20+ in a hoilday envoirament can't be bad by a part time carper???
hopefully we will return in a few yrs to see the improvments in place & catch those fish at even bigger wieghts.
thanks steve,jon,dene & rest of the bounty crew.
keith & dawn.

139 in any GOOD group??
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